The Tranquil money market protocol smart contracts are forked from Compound protocol, which is a deeply battle-tested protocol with minimal changes. Furthermore, we have been successfully audited by CertiK.

75% of all protocol fees are distributed to TRANQ holders through locked staking. Besides that, TRANQ is Tranquil Finance's governance token, so it will become a voting tool once the protocol is at a more advanced stage.
Additionally, TRANQ is a game resource in the Defira game layer. TRANQ can be consumed to perform in-game actions like wishing for new Hero NFTs.

On the Defira app or game. You will need to get ONE and exchange it for TRANQ. See link here:

Head over to https://app.tranquil.finance/tranq. Two staking options are available there; a 6-months locked stake that yields 75% of protocol fees and TRANQ rewards, and a non-locked pool that yields only TRANQ rewards.

Every deposit has its own 6-month timer, so a new deposit does not reset the locking time for previously deposited funds.

Yes! You can collect rewards as they accrue with no penalty.

Head over to https://app.tranquil.finance/markets. You will have to provide collateral at the left column before you are able to borrow in the right column. A short basic tutorial is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRzNVuIL2Q0.

If your total borrowed amount equals to or exceeds your maximum borrow limit, your collateral will get liquidated. There are three main scenarios where this can happen:
  • The interest on the borrowed funds in higher than the interest on the collateral, and it accumulates over time
  • The price of the collateral suddenly drops
  • The price of the borrowed asset suddenly shoots up

The "safe maximum" proposed by the protocol is 80%. However, we have no way of providing you with a specific answer here; it will entirely depend on what assets are being used as a collateral and what assets are being borrowed. We advise you to check your dashboard periodically.

There is no time limit to your borrow. However, your interest will accrue over time, so you will ever so slightly be getting closer to liquidation as time goes on. See advice above and check your dashboard periodically to control that risk.

The locked TRANQ pool yields every token available for lending at the protocol. You get more or less of each depending on how many of each is being borrowed, since it directly comes from fees being gathered by the protocol.

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