Tranquil Finance

Vision and Roadmap


Our vision for Tranquil Finance is to be the premier platform on Harmony for every major DeFI primitive. As part of the Defiraverse, Tranquil Finance will become part of a fantasy game world, in which the DeFi and GameFi models fuse to create something much greater.


Because Tranquil Finance is intimately tied with Defira, please consult the Defira roadmap for more details.

Previous Milestones

Q4 2021

  • 📣 Announce Project ✅
    • Officially announce the project and testnet ready app publicly
    • Build community of early Tranqsters
  • 💰 Token Public Sale ✅
    • Finalize and publish tokenomics
    • Launch app for buying and staking xTRANQ
  • 🚀 Mainnet Launch ✅
    • Build components (e.g. oracles, liquidation bots) missing from testnet app
    • Determine initial asset pool and parameters for protocol
    • Design launch incentives
    • Dry-run testing and validation
  • 🤑 TRANQ Staking ✅
    • Launched single sided TRANQ staking
    • Launched locked TRANQ staking for protocol fees
  • ​📱 Improve App Experience ✅
    • Make app on mobile devices (tablets and phones)
    • Preview app without wallet connected
    • Further polish user interface
  • ​🔒 Security Audits ✅
    • Complete at least one security audit with reputable auditors
  • 🧑‍💼 Build Our Team ✅
    • Hire and onboard additional staff (developers, designers and community managers)
  • 🌐 Engage the Ecosystem ✅
    • Grow community on Discord
      • UPDATE: we have an engaged and active Discord community of 2.5k members
    • Build partnerships with other projects on Harmony
  • ✨ Find Product Market Fit ✅
    • Establish good traction and growth of users and TVL
  • 🪨 Develop Liquid Staking Token (stONE) ✅
    • Create app to stake ONE to stONE
    • Allow users to unstake stONE back to ONE with profits
    • Allow lending and borrowing stONE on Tranquil