xTRANQ Public Sale


The initial public sale of Tranquil Finance will be for a maximum of 50,000,000 xTRANQ, a token which is redeemable 1-for-1 for TRANQ after a 6 month lock-up. xTRANQ can also be staked to earn TRANQ over time. There will be 25,000,000 TRANQ tokens allocated for staking rewards, which will be linearly emitted over a 12 months period.
The sale is planned for 10/06/2021 with a sale price of $0.20 in ONE tokens (priced at the day of launch). Visit https://ico.tranquil.finance/ to purchase and stake xTRANQ.
The public sale is now closed.


The intent of xTRANQ is to smoothly distribute the supply of TRANQ over time, preventing a huge amount of the token from being introduced to the market at once. xTRANQ staking rewards will gradually provide stakers with a steady supply of TRANQ in addition to their redeemable TRANQ after lockup. We believe this design promotes healthier market dynamics.
Staking emissions are deliberately longer than the lock up duration to incentive keeping xTRANQ locked even after the lockup period ends. Because the rewards are constant per block, anyone who unstakes from the pool will increase the rewards going to the remaining stakers. This dynamic disincentivizes stakers from redeeming xTRANQ all at once after the lockup period ends.