How to Use the Testnet App

Setting up Metamask

First we need to install and setup the Metamask extension. After installation, add a custom RPC endpoint for the Harmony ONE testnet:
Then fill out the endpoint information:
Network Name
Harmony Testnet
Chain ID
Currency Symbol
Block Explorer URL
Finally, click "Save" and you're done!
Now you can use

Testnet ONE Faucet

You can get some ONE tokens to use on through the official faucet at
Note that Metamask displays your wallet address in the ETH format, but the faucet expects your address in the ONE format.
To convert your address, simply paste your address in and copy the ONE address.

Testnet Assets Faucet

The Tranquil protocol on the testnet uses custom tokens for testing purposes. To get some from the faucet, simply click the TESTNET button in the header.